Prior to this year’s annual Association meeting, ballots were mailed to all Association members to vote on two proposed initiatives. The due date for ballot submission was July 1, 2018 which has now passed. All ballots that were returned at the annual meeting or by mail have now been counted. Here are the results of the votes:

Annual Dues Date Change: Passed.

It was proposed that the due date for annual dues be changed from June 10th to May 1st to allow better planning of road maintenance, and to streamline the annual meeting check-in. The due date proposal passed with a 79% vote in favor of the change.

Revised Governing Documents: Did Not Pass.

Over the past 2 years, the board has been working on revising the Association ByLaws and CC&Rs to incorporate member feedback and to make them more compliant with modern legal guidelines. The updated documents were presented to Association members and reviewed during the 2017 Association meeting. Feedback was collected at that time and incorporated into the final documents that were presented for approval at this years meeting. In order for this initiative to pass there is a participation requirement defined in the CC&Rs that requires a percentage of all members in good standing to participate in the voting. Of those who voted, the majority voted in favor of adopting the new documents, however, due to lack of participation there were not enough votes to meet the participation requirement. At this time the prior version of the ByLaws and the CC&Rs will stand as the adopted documents. Should you have any questions about this years voting, please contact a member of the board and we’d be glad to provide you with more information. Thank you to those who participated in the voting.