Safety & Security

How Can You Help?

Please help us keep the association a safe place. Be mindful of the following rules and courtesies.

  • The SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH. Slow down on those turns!!
  • Keep the gates closed. This will help us keep unauthorized traffic out of the association.
  • No hunting on association property. It’s the rule.
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited within the Association. A fine will be enforced for anyone caught lighting fireworks. Please ensure that your guests are aware of this policies.
  • Be respectful of the sound ordnance and avoid being loud between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am.

Fire Safety

Forest fires are never intentional and can generally be prevented through awareness and caution. Here are a few resources to help you learn about general fire safety and prevention of wildfires.


Wildlife Safety

Pine Mountain land owners enjoys a variety of peaceful wildlife such as deer and elk, but the area is also a natural habitat to bears and mountain lions. The following suggestions can help you avoid a dangerous situation.

  • Avoid an encounter. Keep a safe distance.
  • There is more safety in numbers; it is best to travel in a group.
  • Secure your food, garbage, and other scented items.

Additional Resources:

How do I report a security or safety concern?

If you have any safety concerns or need to report security problems please contact a board member and they will be glad to address the issue.

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