Due to popular request, we’ve created a Facebook group for association members. The Facebook group can be used to share pictures, events, service opportunities, ideas, and so on. We feel that this is a great way for members to communicate with each other and it provides a quick way of sharing information. The group is a closed group, meaning that it’s limited to Association Members and their families. When you first access the page, you’ll need to request access. If you have any trouble gaining access, please contact a board member. In order to provide a good experience for all members, we ask that you follow a few rules:

  1. Please keep all topics polite and kind. If you have complaints about other members or private issues to bring up, please send those to the board so they can be handled without public humiliation or embarrassment.
  2. You may list items that you are selling, however, we ask that you do not target association members with ads, marketing campaigns, or promote your business through the Facebook group.
  3. Please don’t post anything crude, pornographic, or inappropriate for all ages. The group will be monitored and access may be revoked if you are posting anything that does not meet these guidelines.
To access the Association Facebook Page, please follow this link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/pmloa