Dear PMLOA Member, It has come to the attention of the PMLOA Board that association members may have recently received a letter from a special interest group called “Friends of Pine Mountain”. While they may have had good intentions, it is important to note that this group does not officially represent the Association or the PMLOA Board. Much of the information contained in that letter is inaccurate and based on assumptions made from Board Meeting notes taken out of context. In its current state, it is misleading and it does not accurately represent issues that will be discussed and voted on at this years Annual Meeting. We wish that the “Friends of Pine Mountain” would have contacted the Board for clarification on such matters, however, in this case they did not. Should you have any questions about the items that will be proposed for member vote at the upcoming Annual Meeting on June 8th, please refer to the official communication that was sent on April 13, or feel free to contact any member of the Board for clarification. We do want to echo the “Friends of Pine Mountain” invitation to attend the Annual Meeting. We would love to have all members there. There will be several open mic opportunities for members and we’d love to hear your thoughts prior to voting taking place. If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, you may vote by proxy. However, the PMLOA Board strongly discourages assigning your proxy vote to anyone whom you do not personally know and trust. Please consider carefully who you entrust with your vote. We hope to see you all at the Annual Meeting! The PMLOA Board